Please deposit transgenic Medaka with our institute.

Merit of deposition

 The breeding system of Medaka (Oryzias latipes) as an experimental animal has been established. We think that the researchers who generate transgenic Medaka have enough technique of breeding. However, there is a possibility that the generated transgenic strains become extinct by some sort of accident. The National BioResourse Project, which is the project for maintenances of that experimental animals, works properly as the diffusion of risks. Moreover, to protect the intellectual property of the depositor, we will conclude the MTA (Material Transfer Agreement), and valuable bioresources are widely used in studies with the protection of depositor's rights.

For depositor

 If you deposit the transgenic Medaka with our institute, we would like to conclude the MTA to clarify intellectual property or other rights. In addition, because the offered Medaka fish is a tangible entity, we will do the procedure required in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.


 Please let Hiroshi Mitani (the representative of this institute) or Kouichi Aizawa (the person assigned to carry out this work) know if you keep valuable transgenic Medaka strains.